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Re: cc bonus

I'll tell you what, the cabin crew that have somewhere to go back to will be resigning like crazy... The only ones that won't are the ones that are stuck here for whatever reason.. Why would they want to stay?
- being forced to live out in the middle of nowhere when they were promised something different (szr)
- 120 flying hour rosters, while other airlines still give theirs 60-70hrs..
- less than minimum layovers (24hr JFK layover for a 14.5th flIght wtf?)
- flawed bidding and swapping systems.
- the company is promoting the culture of backstabbing and reporting, this is killing the morale..
- staff travel limitations: no jumpseats or upgrades.. Ever!
- at the end of the day the pay is not enough, not for westerners anyway.

The list goes on..
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