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Judging by their expansion plans guys and gals, I hardly think 20-30 cadets a year, maybe up to 50 per year across all schools(this is simply based on the assumption that these were the successful ones at interview) will make a huge difference in the long term with some ridiculous number of aircraft waiting to be delivered.

That only covers about 10 aircraft, and assuming all 320 guys, that doesn't include the guys currently on the 320 that will transfer to the 380, 350 and 787. Or to mention the guys trying to escape!

It really is a waiting game to see how things pan out, not ideal, but often its better to see how things are working out. If of course you have that luxury.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the announcement either, if anything its prob just a PR thing. QR have taken from all different schools before, and different streams, and I have no doubt, at least for the forseeable future, they will continue to do so.
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