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EK Profit Announcement

No one is resigning. I just love guys with these idle threats, "watch the resignations flow in," they say. Where would they go? No where! Not a lot of options out there so lets just keep it real and go fly the jets.

Even if you do resign, they have DECs that'll go straight into training, waiting inline.

12 weeks, 14 weeks, 2 weeks. Whatever! We didn't get a bonus, boo Hoo Hoo! Stop your whining and get back to work.

People whine when we got 14 weeks and still whine when we get nothing. Some Of you are never happy. The bonus is theirs to give and the rules are documented, no one was cheated.

Advertising is essential for a company's market share and without it we are lost in a very competitive market. Think of it as an investment that will pay off in the future. We spend money to make money. $200 million is money well spent regardless of the slogans effect. The main thing is the customer will see, "Emirates". It appeals to the emotions and if it looks good and sounds good, they go fly Emirates.

Maybe we'll get one next year, maybe not, but for those of you who are motivated by dollars, i say this to you: You will never be satisfied.

Now let's go fly jets with company fuel if the weather is fine and destination has 2 runways. Heck, I'll commit on the bus on my way to work. Of even while having my muesli for breakfast at the hotel.

So let's all just Sheikh-it-easy!
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