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That's a very good point, JungleBus. My first assumption was that the buttons don't actually stay stuck out or pushed in, just white = selected. I personally can't tell the difference between the physical position of that button and any of the others that indicate "OFF". Of course, it's also odd to me that the ground power is in use but all of the batteries are switched are off, but as I've said, I really don't know the first thing about this plane. It's just that with the exception of the batteries and the one TAWS light, everything else looks set up exactly as I'd expect for an airplane under ground power that isn't ready for start yet. I would think the FAULT lights are a perfectly normal indication if the system isn't up yet, just scratching my head about the OFF one. Also wouldn't have a clue why the SYS button wouldn't be OFF too if it's related to inhibit logic, but as I said, not my airplane.

I'm a few years removed from the 170/190 series, and now I'm trying to remember if the white indications for buttons on that panel are for selected positions, or if they're more general than that. I know amber = isn't working right, I just don't quite remember the switch logic for white. The overhead panel on the Sukhoi just looks so much like an Airbus, that's what I defaulted to in my head.

Good first post, JB. Thanks for the added perspective!

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