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I think people are reading too much into the overhead panel picture. The plane is clearly on the ground with the engines off. Unless the overhead panel design philosophy is 100% at odds with every other recent design, ('s Russian! ) the TAWS switchlights being pushed IN would seem to indicate they are selected to their normal position, ON. This appears to be the logic on the rest of the panel. The OFF light simply means the TAWS system was not operating that that particular moment, irrespective of switch position. Similarly, note the L & R Pack and Gen switchlights. They are all pushed in for normal position, ie ON, but have OFF lights illuminated due to lack of bleed air source and generator output w/ engines shut down, respectively.

So I don't think TAWS was *selected* off in that photo. Whether the OFF light represents an abnormal condition on the ground on external power, I have no idea. It's possible that TAWS is inhibited with weight on wheels, or the FMS/GPS was turned off at the time. It's also possible that there was no database for Indonesia installed or even that TAWS was inop on the demonstrator. Point is, it's impossible to tell from that photo. I suspect we'll know the answer very shortly as Sukhoi is no doubt very anxious to clear the air.

Edit - didn't realize this was my first post . Hi, I'm Sam. E170/190 CA in the US. Long time lurker, first time poster.
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