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AS ALREADY STATED, it indicates that the plane is on the ground. And AS ALREADY ASKED, is turning the GPWS/TAWS off part of your shutdown SOP? Because it hasn't been on any of my equipment.

Perhaps rather than failing to read posts before ridiculing them, you could draw on your years of experience and tell me if that's normal, particularly in light of the fact that the plane ended up on the side of a mountain. It's an honest question; I'm certainly no Sukhoi driver.

edit: The file name of the picture includes the string 20120509, which of course suggests it was taken the day of the crash. And after a quick review of my old books, I indeed can't find a reason to actually change the position of the GPWS/TAWS switch on those aircraft unless it's broken or there's some reason you don't want to hear it - not as part of a normal shutdown/startup procedure. Again, there's no guarantee that carries over to Sukhoi procedures.

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