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Despite what you might think are the rights and wrongs of it IAG views all of the airlines in the group as seperate, just as BA did before it. If you view the various entities as connected you are making a mistake. BA were not laying off crews, Openskies were. Although you might wish that the various airlines were linked, I suppose thats partly what the Openskies dispute was about in 2008, that boat has left the harbour and it won't be coming back soon. There are many comments about what BALPA should do about it, we are in a new IR environment, look at the recent changes in Spanish employment law enabling changes to T's and C's without consultation. The employers are ahead of the unions on this one I hope BALPA can continue to pick its way through all this to enable a better future for all of us in the future. I havn't decided whether to hold my breath yet!
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