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It's just ridiculous harping on about BA selection for bmi pilots.They have proven their worth and obviously ability to operate an airliner. This is where selection processes breakdown because they apply a broadbrush - OK make it ridiculously hard for little johnny out of Oxford, but you shouldn't apply the same criteria to experienced pilots
If a BA Cityflyer E190 or BA Openskies B757/767 pilot wishes to fly for mainline, they have to go through the full selection process, having already been through an (almost identical) BA selection process. They are already employees of the BA Group. The fact that they are known quantities to BA who have full access to training files, etc. makes little difference. They want to re-confirm you can read, subtract, fly a computer joystick cross bar and "tell me about a time" all over again.

If there are Pilot redundancies within the BA Group at a subsidiary, they still have to go through the BA selection process again to keep a job, along with all of the external applicants. As a result, a fully qualified experienced type rated Boeing 767 Pilot could be out the door (at expense to BA) and put on the dole, whilst on the very same day a cadet pilot or low houred turboprop or military guy is offered a contract. This is BA Corporate policy and yes it happens. You would have thought groundschool, sim training, LPC and line check would be sufficient for internal employees, just as BMI mainline pilots are receiving.

I guess the same has happened in the past with BMI and its subsidiaries, but I dont recall BMI mainline recruiting whilst laying off employed pilots elsewhere in the group?
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