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Purple pilot,

Are you really suggesting that there is a scenario in which the crews actions here could be considered good airmanship?

I'm all for good decision making, and SOP's don't cover every situation...however a v1 cut isn't really the place to be making stuff up. There are obstacle clearance climb limits to meet, and they are there for a very good reason. They are also based upon a MCT thrust setting, gear up and bank angle at 15 degrees or less etc. Anything less than the minimum standards here and you are a test pilot.

I would argue that the problem here and several other recent incidents is exactly that the crews involved are fine if everything goes right, they put the AP on and follow the magenta line to destination. As soon as something out of the ordinary happens though a complete LACK of airmanship, decision making skills and professional ability turns a abnormal situation into an accident or incident.

Once you have the aircraft cleaned up at a safe height and the immediate checklist items complete then that's a great time to show your pilot decision making skills and airmanship. Below 400' with an engine failure isn't the time to be making stuff up.

If you can't see the difference perhaps PM me with the airline you fly for and I can add it to my list of ones to avoid putting my family on.
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