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I did both Britannia and first choice selection in the same 2 weeks, I passed one and apparantly failed the other. So i was good enough to fly one IT 757, but not the other airline's.I mean really, WTF ?
As the selection procedure is for the company and not for the aircraft type etc., then it is not a great surprise that you can fail for one company and pass for another. That's before you even go near the idea that you flew poorly in one sim test and aced the next one. Companies are looking for pilots but also types of people and I think it is fair to say these differ widely. This is not necessarily to do with safety - the LPC sorts this stuff out, but more to do with whether you will fit in with the company ethos and culture.

It amazes me that there are professional pilots out there that don't understand this, to paraphrase: WTF?
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