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I don't think it makes a mockery of the situation. It was just an awesome opportunity for BA at Heathrow where new slots are very few and far between.

At the end of the day BA were never gonna say....geez, I wish we could have those 42 slots but lets not bid if we have to take the pilots too.

There is a saying in the States....the fleas come with the dog. I'm not saying that BMI pilots are fleas - what i am saying is it's not a perfect set up but it's workable.

Why's it not perfect? Well everyone will have a story to tell by the time the dust settles. For my two peneth worth....I really enjoy the people I fly with on the Airbus at Heathrow and would dislike witnessing a number of individuals pitch up and attempt to ruin the vibe because they felt slighted.

That said, I'm sure that 95%+ of our new colleagues will be great and the beauty of Bidline is that you can ditch the trips with the arseholes once you've flown with them once and got the measure of them. Indeed I do it already with one or two current BA wallies.

Welcome on board.

Somebodys said it already but allow me to reiterate, first beers on me.


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