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I know of several BMI pilots who have failed BA selection on more than one occasion...Does it now make a mockery of the whole selection process ?
I know of many bmi pilots who have passed BA selection on many occasions. The all too common trait was an inability to operate an airliner with efficiency and (IMHO) safety. Fortunately, they were all F/Os and were never let loose by bmi without the support of a Captain. That definitely did make a mockery of the whole (BA) selection process.

As for the bmi pension scheme, if past performance is anything to go by, the vast majority of the bmi pilot workforce will capitulate without so much as a whimper, let alone anything even remotely resembling a fight. As usual, not surprisingly, BALPA will eventually walk away from the problem due to lack of decent support (amongst other well known reasons, of course).

Come on! Prove me wrong! Stick up for yourselves, just for once.
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