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- Last years announcement came earlier than the year before

- The target was announced as a dollar sum as it has been every year bar one. One year in the company's history, it did not announce a target, but gave us a bonus anyway.

- Do you think EK is "Making Up" the price of Fuel or the weak Global economy?

- The profit announcement has a lot more impact than just the bonus. The companies ability to raise finance has much to do with it's profitability. You realize that most of the rest of the industry accuses EK of OVER stating it's profitability?

- How is their objection to subsidies relevant to any of this? I think they are a bit dishonest there- they are subsidized by the fact they can offer tax-free salaries- but that fact increases profit, not reduces it.

For what it's worth, I'm not expecting a bonus. A target was set (One that was to ambitious) and not reached. There was no way we were going to make as much money this year as last as our trading situation was simply not as good.

Surly a financial expert such as yourself could see that.

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