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A lot of male voters are critical of PM Gillard.

Stating she and her mates are doing a crap job is factually incorrect in my opinion.

The world is in what could be described as a state of turmoil.

Unchecked capitalism - encouraged and bought about in large part by type A personality egomaniacal foolishness- has in part led to the world being in a precarious state. Men, not red heds , largely brought about the GFC. This does not mean I do not like men , they are great to cuddle, nor does it mean I would never vote for one.

But hey. I am just a woman , my opinion is not worth that much is it?

It does concern me that unbiased media reporting on a range of important topics is hard to come be . Whether it be about unions , politicians, and a range of topics it seems money talks when it comes to the passing of information onto us, the unclean masses.
Your opinion is coloured by the fact that Gillard is female.

Let me tell you Lisa, in this "equal" world, women have as much right to be rotten leaders as men. The worst boss I ever had was a woman - rotten corrupt, liar, manipulator, bully and totally inept and dishonest to boot. She got where she was by being a member of the Margaret Whitlam "Old Girls Club" - which is full of lethally bad managers, and more are on the way.

The problem in its narrowest sense is that Gillard is the best of a rotten mob. The elected officials of that party have never been "on the tools" - they are all university educated former lawyers or union officials. They are exactly the same type of "born to rule" bastards that used to infect the Liberal Party.

To put that another way, genuine Labor representatives wouldn't be seen dead in the Qantas Chairmans lounge, let alone wearing an Italian suit.

To put that yet another way, how many more Thompsons and WIlliamsons infect the Labor party? How many more millionaires mates are there? How many more are there that cosy up to property developers and screw the people who trusted them? How many more leave parliament to start working for billionaires, taking Six figure salaries to screw the workers some more?

Gillard is a "Process Person", not a leader. In her world, if you do things the right way, you automatically get a good result. The trouble is that "process" doesn't work when you are trying to build on sand, and use shit for concrete, no matter how elegant the architects design looks.

Qantas is going to turn to shit if it hasn't already. The business model of Qantas and every other major Australian corporation is to outsource production and delivery of everything to the cheapest providers in the world - wherever they are - currently Asia, and destroy the Australian working class in the process.

My sources predict that "globalisation" is going to fall in a heap in 2013 because the European and AMerican workforces are going to rebel.

My own view is that if the Australian dollar needs to be at 0.75 for Australian manufacturing to be competitive, then close the &*^%ing mines until the dollar gets there and stick Rhinehart, Palmer, Forrest and the rest of the billionaires club in jail if they object. Believe me, those folks have plans for YOU and your kids, and they are not nice.
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