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A lot of male voters are critical of PM Gillard.

Stating she and her mates are doing a crap job is factually incorrect in my opinion.

The world is in what could be described as a state of turmoil.

Unchecked capitalism - encouraged and bought about in large part by type A personality egomaniacal foolishness- has in part led to the world being in a precarious state. Men, not red heds , largely brought about the GFC. This does not mean I do not like men , they are great to cuddle, nor does it mean I would never vote for one.

But hey. I am just a woman , my opinion is not worth that much is it?

It does concern me that unbiased media reporting on a range of important topics is hard to come be . Whether it be about unions , politicians, and a range of topics it seems money talks when it comes to the passing of information onto us, the unclean masses.

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