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Nazi state

Labor has killed the Unions. While Gillard and friends think of their own agenda and are too buy getting involved in dick swinging competitions the rest of the world slips by them and so does the only vestige of protecting workers rights - Unions. What has escalated the decline in the Unions power base are the turncoats like Shorten and co as well as a political party that has lost it's testicles. The Grim Reaper has made his call an Labor is dead. Within 12 months these incompetents will receive their recompense and receive the same treatment that Anna Bligh and her pathetic weasels reaped.

The worse thing is that Ol Slugger only has to sit back, run a few marathons and enjoy the show. No campaign required this election - Labor have killed themselves, Liberals have it in the bag, and back comes Work Choices and probably 3 terms of Liberal power and the end of Unions.
Considering I am a Labor supporter traditionally it doesn't get any worse than the current situation, does it or could it? Oh I forgot, Thomson, Slipper and a red haired retarded speaking Welsh PM with a male hairdresser partner, yeah how did I miss that.

As for the QF Union debate, the only Union to not bend over for the mighty Roo was the one that didn't support 'Scale A and Scale B'. You got it ALAEA.

Now, a word of warning Alan, dont rub your pudgy little hands yet. Look around, it's not just the Unions imploding, so is society, large corporations, governments and continents. So before you jump for joy over Union infighting remember this - If it comes down to a fight to the death be sure that nobody escapes unharmed. Blood (figuratively) will be spilled on a larger scale than seen before, that you can be assured.
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