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Unions do a huge amount of good in our society which puts the dollar before all else. The rocks in Sydney would be a car park if not for the hard work of the Buildings labourers federation in the 60 s . Australian unions have done a lot of positive things in addressing social inequality.

But unions are run by people, and some people will allow themselves to be corrupted by power. This does not mean unions are corrupt, it just shows human nature at its worst can impact on any organisation.

The CEO s of large corporations will definitely be delighting and rubbing their hands with glee at this.

Can I be so bold As to point out that the Australian newspaper - which is shown above as the link to this story - is owned by Murdoch. That seems quite interesting to me as far as supporting democracy goes. Jealousy can occur as far as people not holding the power wanting to take it away from those with power. Power struggles are often difficult to understand from the outside looking in.

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