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Dingdong over GMB? Who are the idiots?

What I find quite incredible is that the BASSA membership fall for the same old con trick time and time again!

There is no GMB agreement it was some rogue manager just cooking it up on his own - when there is a clear agreement signed by GMB and BA IR manager plain for all to see.

There is a secret deal done with BASSA but we can't tell anyone anything about it - the same old same old.

Cabin crew WAKE UP you are being treated like fools by this bunch of idiots.
Actually I agree with Ottergirl, I don’t think either they or Betty Girl ‘hate’ BASSA. I believe they are victims of an aggressive smear campaign during our dispute, which saw not only our Union but our Cabin Crew community turned into objects of ‘hate’. At times, I wondered if being a member of a Trade Union had been criminalised.

As TightSlot points out, this is not ‘The BASSA Forum’, neither is it ‘The Anti-BASSA Forum’!

Post settlement, it has been an uphill struggle to rebuild pride in our profession and our Brand but commitment and hard work by both our Leadership Team and BASSA has taken us into new territory and opened the door to an exciting new era, as the Business Experience Programme unleashes the passion and creativity that carried Cabin Crew through the dispute.

Some of the most passionate strikers are the most ardent advocates in building bridges and putting our business back where it belongs, at the forefront on the global stage. So why do some who crusaded against BASSA under the ‘Backing BA’ banner now undermine our positive efforts with continued sneers and innuendoes?

You cut sad figures, not unlike the Japanese soldiers post WWII who roamed the jungles unable to accept the war was over.

So successful has our honourable negotiated settlement been, IFCE management have celebrated by recognising our right to belong to a Trade Union and permitted us to use BASSA luggage labels on our hand luggage.

The unfinished business of our dispute has finally been satisfactorily resolved and I can confirm the minutes from the last BASSA Branch meeting are an accurate reflection of what took place. Our detractors accused us of being ‘serial fantasists’ during the dispute but it is THEY who can not handle the truth.

Curioser and curioser, the BA Cabin Crew section on the GMB website has made like the Cheshire Cat and disappeared, leaving the 500 Mixed Fleet in Unite grinning from ear to ear as, quiet as the dormouse, they prepare to launch their own branch – our new baby is growing up!

Meanwhile, Paul Kenny is probably mad as a hatter and unlikely to be throwing any tea parties for those responsible for the embarrassing faux pas.

Do I hear the chilling sound of an axe being sharpened carried on the refreshing winds of change that are sweeping through the corridors of power, accompanied by the cry ‘Off with their heads’?

I suggest the Bassbashers stop behaving like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, synergy will impact on us all and it is time to concentrate on the challenges facing your own community. Fortunately with synergy comes opportunity too but obsessing over a non existent war with BASSA will side line you, while others seize the moment.

I end this post in the spirit of the personal message that Len McCluskey sent to the members of BASSA that suggest that far from ‘not being flavour of the month’ with the TUC, we are tastier than unami as a Central Fund of £25million has been set up to support branches in dispute, following feedback from our dispute.

To Fly. To Serve.
With Dignity and Respect.

The postings made by Dingbaticus, proud Bassanista are my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs and don’t necessarily represent my employers positions, strategies or opinions.

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