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QR mainline vs Amiri flight

I am now invited for selection for QR Airways main line. It took awhile after my application, about 3 months, but they came through with invitation. I have NO idea what I would fly but first, hope to get pass the process and get a job offer. A friend of mine there says he really likes it and encouraged me to apply so I did. Sure, they have brand new planes but what amazes me is how low the salary is to fly for a major carrier. I mean, even 11k a month is not very good for captain, and more so for wide body captain. Anyway, will give it a go and see what happens.

The today, I got a call from agent about Amiri flight asking if I was intereted for the A320 and I said yes. One guy hit it on the head when he said if you dont have another job, then give this a go and I need a job so soon I will know if I get invited to this as well. Not to sound like a whiner, but once again, the pay is poor for this kind of position. I know a guy who flies in ME on A320 who makes 15K US tax free per month, and rotates 1 month in and 1 month out, with all the trimmings. Now this is more like it but not many of these around. I think at least 15K is more like it, or even higher. I mean us x pats go away from our homes to do a job for them and they have tons of money, and yet we get paid low wages for this type of work. And then to be on stanby around the clock, forget going our for a night on the town for some serious beers. So, I see drawbacks to this operation in a few ways, but I need a job and if offered, likely take it.
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