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Just playing devils advocate...but then by what right are bmi mainline pilots getting direct entry into BA? They haven't passed any selection for BA either and are jumping ahead of people waiting in the hold pool who have passed the selection.
I see your point Van G, of course I do, however as one poster has already stated - legal obligation is binding. And if I can also play devils advocate, then do things become interesting when BA look at the records and see the names of x,y and z; noting that they went through their process and failed. BA's recruitment strategy is based largely on assessing psychometric and non techinical ability. It appears that BA believe that there is a partcular personality fit suited for their organisation. Those guys making fleeting and insensitive remarks in the vicinity of troubled colleagues, inavertently or not, are usually the type to send alarm bells ringing. Unfortunately for you and me, the 'no I in teamwork' brigade are generally a clever set of egotistical barstewards with Jekyll and Hyde type personalities.

Someone also suggested that a training department with highly respected standards is unlikely to harbour many rogue pilots -It's simply not the case, I can assure you! You can lead a horse to water, but on many occasions it simply won't drink. Many people, once conditioned, can also play the game a handful of times, when required to do so. However new and unfamiliar surroundings can often see them become unstuck.

Just something I've noted in my travels.
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