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bex 88. I was asking with reference to a previous post and playing devils advocate.

But whilst I'm here, peoples backs are up at some bmi mainline pilots not just because of their selfish narrow minded posts on here. It stems from the most ridiculously insensitive and arrogant behaviour witnessed on the crew bus, crew room etc and I guess this forum provides an area to vent that frustration. Crews endlessly discussing seniority issues sitting right next to people who have no idea if they have a job at the end of summer, or even in a few months time. People joking about getting hats...

Yes I am happy you have a job. Yes you have a right to be happy, but back slapping right now in the public domain and aforementioned crew room/bus idiocy is at best insensitive given the uncertainty of your colleagues futures. And just because our jobs aren't officially 'at risk' are you really suggesting there isn't a real and immediate threat of redundancy to us? Because I assure you there is.

So all the best with your future. But please get down of your high horse, save me the TUPE lectures and show a little humility.
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