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I'm all for baby and regional guys being offered opportunities to become assessed for DEP positions, however the train of thought that BA has some moral obligation to provide direct entry a la mainline is a step beyond. Ideally baby and regional get sold off, minimising disruption and anxiety to the pilots in both organisations. IAG aren't integrating baby and regional into BA, therefore they have no legal obligation to provide new positions. BA have people within their holding pool which they have already selected. ALL of these people applied to BA long before the intention to purchase bmi was even announced. If you WANT to join BA then apply and hoop jump like the rest of us. I'd be surprised if IAG management came to your rescue, especially given the amount of redundancies occurring within the bmi group external to the overall pilot body. I could of course be wrong, however I believe offering regional and baby pilots first refusal on assessments is pretty fair.
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