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It's pretty obvious who you are and who butters your bread. "Proof is in the pudding"? China's economy is fostered on the backs of it's people. Low wages and no labour rules. I would say Nearsight (based on my research and chats with those in the Chinese aviation community) has done a marvelous job of describing the work enviornment in China. You on the other hand would suffer financially should the truth actually be exposed. Fair enough.

You're obviously an agent. What have you done to improve the situation for the pilots that you've placed there over the last couple of years? Are pilots actually paying for their hotel rooms? Yes they are. What are you doing about that? My understanding is that this issue has been dragging on for months now. These are the little things that you could be more proactive with in terms of improving the quality of life for those that have chosen to work in China. It's things like this that keep me out of China.

Don't use cultural differences as an excuse for the airlines inability to provide better rest conditions while on crew rest or anything else in the name of culture for that matter. To say the Chinese are more conservative in their decisions is the biggest overstatement of the year and frankly points to the fact of how "nearsighted" you are. Their only fear is the QAR. If their "decision" won't be recorded electronically then anything is fair game for them. While parts of your post are somewhat insightful and not as biased as could be given your occupation it does need deeper insight. Perhaps you should get to the bottom of how your pilots really feel...

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