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They are just the same as the FAA is political as well.

There is no way that the ATC in the US could be shafted as it has been without it being a political call.

As for the power thing yep they can dictate to EASA the way they want it to go. As per every other body be it finacial or any other type of body.

And to answer the worries of people about me line training.

We had a good week.

25 approaches 18 of which were RVR's and sub 500ft cloud base. 18 NPA in class G so full procedure. 20 hours block time.

The FO did pretty well, only had to take it 5 times with him having 165 hours TT not suprising. He attempted 20 approaches.

He is now in his bed (9pm local) and I am having a beer. A knackaring week but as usuall a very rewarding week for myself.

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