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The discrimination against regional/loco pilots is not new, indeed there was an article in the BALPA Log at the time of the disposal of BA Connect to Flybe entitled BA and Apartheid which raised these issues.

Having said that, the attitude of the BA guys on here, seems a lot more positive compared to the attitude back then, so it seems a bit harsh to criticise them for welcoming their new colleagues.

As has also been pointed out (as yet at least) the baby and regional guys have not been notified as being under threat of redundancy, and if suitable buyers are found, then there's no issue. If however things don't work out and redundancy becomes a reality, and at the same time BA is still recruiting externally, then that is a very serious issue that BALPA, and all of us who are members, whether as BA, (ex) BMI mainline, or any other part of the pilot community, need to be prepared to take a stand against.
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