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Well best of luck to them because they will have to take on a legal case against IAG and the argument for the case is weak at best. A old out of date contract is not worth much and it can be demonstrated an employee has accepted a new role and worked under t&c's of a different company within the group for a considerable period.
Whose side are you on really?

You might find BALPA is already aware of the situation and indeed independent legal advice is being sought by pilots on the matter?

As said any job loss is tragic and the focus should be on how to move forward not snipe at mainline guys.
Actions speak louder than words.

You seem to forget that Regional and baby pilots have been flying for subsidiaries that have allowed Mainline to remain as "solvent" for as long as they have via all kinds of various mechanisms be it slot-filling, alleged inflated sub-leasing costs and ostensibly sequestering forward bookings revenue....

Did the very very limited number of guys who claim to have contracts with british midland get put at risk of redundancy in 2009-10 and if not why did you not stick your hand up and claim to be part of us then?
I'd always be first to volunteer to be shot when the opportunity arrives.

If an organisation is unable to keep track of which employees are on which contracts, is it the employees job to advise them?

You seem to forget how many years of redundancies the other subsidiaries were exposed to?

I'm super pleased that Mainline pilots are being transferred across to BA.

Its just a shame the solidarity does not extend further....
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