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May I just point out the thread is bmi mainline pilots made redundant. People now come on here and say its wrong that we are happy we have mitigated against these job losses and should not show any relief or positive communication to our new BA colleagues. I would like to point out that no pilot at baby or regional has been declared at risk of redundancy, whilst some at mainline have. We have had a great deal of stress and redundancy hanging over our heads. It is perfectly fair that we communicate our relief. No pilot has been left out because they are on a 737 or a emb 145. These pilots work for different companies which are owned by the same group (IAG) and were never going to be part of the integration to BA. Nobody wants to see anyone loose their jobs and at this point whilst the future of baby and regional is to be decided no pilot at these companies have been told they are at risk and sale options continue to be explored. Attacking mainline pilots is not exactly going to do anyone any good.
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