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Without knowing what is being tabled for discussion, it's very difficult to offer any advice to our new colleagues, but there are some general principles that we have all entertained in managing our careers so far.

- Get on the BA MSL as soon as possible

- If TUPE means loss of command, but you still are pay protected with grandfather rights - take it!

Everyday I fly with people who are on their way up, across, winding down, swapping seats, going part time, people I've met before, people I've never met, people who were skippers with other airlines, people who used to run squadrons, people who were doctors, people who were city traders, people who used to teach me, people who are running their own businesses outside, lots of different people.

Just be one of us, managing our lifestyles to suit our families and time off to our best advantage. Status is really not the only thing in BA, your lifestyle is.

Welcome aboard, first beer's on me.
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