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legalities of forcing this on the approx 35% group that aren`t in Balpa.
No-one has to join BALPA. A majority of BMI pilots are BALPA members. BALPA has collective bargaining rights for BMI.

You may be covered by a collective agreement in your workplace even if you are not a member of a trade union, as trade unions often negotiate on behalf of all of the workers employed in a specific group. This group is known as a ‘bargaining unit’.
- UK Government website.

Perhaps this link will help you, Fir Tree?

Some people view those who benefit from collective bargaining by a union (e.g. tax concessions, annual payrise) but do not help to pay for it with a union subscription, as freeloaders, but you will always get that in any society IMHO.

P.S. Could I add my welcome to the BMI guys, looking forward to seeing you!
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