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Nice result which the bmiCC have achieved by working with the BA/IAG management.
That is good news if it's true. I hope it does get passed.

The one thing you can be sure of is that BA will have got the numbers wrong and with the arrival of two new types next year I suspect that there will be plenty of work soon enough. The important thing is to get as many as possible through the door at this stage.

I've been listening to the BMI guys on the RT this week and have felt for them with all that has been going on. It's good to see and hear professionals at work. I hope that this period of uncertainty will soon be behind us and allow everyone to look forward to the challenge of integration. I suspect that there will be some more surprises both good and bad, although that is pure speculation on my part, not some insider knowledge.

Anyone who has ever done a course will know that it's best not to do it with any of life's major stressors going on in the background and that professionalism will stand you all in good stead. The BA trainers are good chaps in general but it would be a pity not to show your best because of outside distractions. Not sure how I would stand up to that test at the moment if I were in your shoes and I'm sure that that will be born in mind.

My advice, get in the door, get spat out on line and then worry about what else is going on. In the long run I hope that you all look back and accept that even if wasn't the best thing to happen, being taken over by BA, it wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be.

Welcome aboard chaps
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