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So some pilots will still be part of a sub pilot group within British airways in 35-40 years time because that is how long it will take to clear up the mess. I don't care what happens ith seniority but all pilots should be on one MSL. Join at the bottom and work your way up without being penalised for the rest of your career sits better with me thn a sub group.
I (and the BACC) couldn't agree more. The possibility for to have all on one MSL is waning. BA want a legally watertight solution and without agreement between the two CCs the simplest option for them is to maintain two separate pilot groups.


I've been told it will be a one time deal to transfer onto the MSL. May not be true, 'twas a very good source, but definitely worth having a think about.
Apparently whether or not the option to voluntarily join the bottom of the BA MSL will be made available is undecided. The theory is that because any BMI pilot electing to join the bottom of the MSL would be doing so voluntarily that any possibility of subsequent legal challenge is negated. If BA management/legal cannot be 100% convinced that this is the case, then they may well decide to not provide the option to transfer at all.

Not a desirable outcome, certainly not what BA pilots wanted, but to be brutally honest, they'd not be much worse off than they are now.
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