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Loading a new I pad??


I have a brand new I pad, and want to load some manuals that are on disc and on my laptop.

I have tried to transfer them to the I pad by sending them as E mail attachments. On arrival it is easy to open and view them, but no options to store them.

The guy in the Apple store said all I should do was down load the I Books app and it would give me the chance to store the manuals there. It does not!!

These manuals are in pdf format, and no, I do not want them stored in 'The Cloud' any more than I want them in my garden shed.

While I have Apple experts attention a second question, a clever guy sold me a Bamboo Stylus with lots of talk of how good it is. It came with a 'quick start guide' which tells me how to personalize it,that it works with an I pad, its spec and a address of their web site but no clue as to how to use it. The web site tell me in glowing terms how good it is, but still no clue how to use it. The box suggests downloading the 'Bamboo Paper' app, can't find it. The guy in the apple store says it does not do anything.

Why does anyone have a stylus?

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