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Same situation..but something I am missing is why Qatar Airways is not giving any let's say "priority" listing to it's employees families and kids. I mean they're desperately looking for pilots,asking to bring wifes to Doha during selection process and then what? Is everything else left to FATE??? I think this could be a ZERO cost added value for them. I have 2 kids, 6 and 9 YO and providing them a good education is part of my "wide" scenario to decide if it's a GO - NOGO to Doha. Moving a family it's not easy,I've been through that when I was young with my parents.Lot of things to do,lot of things to pre arrange.
I'm not saying QR should give me a "ready to eat meal" but at least a sort of insurance that my kids will at least have the opportunity the join a good school.
When I was young my father got moved from italy to south america and his company had a sort of allotment priority in two of the three major schools..part of the deal: i'm not giving you extra money but I'm giving you lateral benefits that may get your life here ( or there....) easier.

Great day to everyone.....
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