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Schooling - Qatar


Moving to Qatar this summer having successfully made it through screening. Just waiting for the start date.. DEC A320..

I have a question for those schooling their kids out there.. I have 3 kids 7,6 & 4.. I understand the allowance really doesn't cover the costs & that there is quite a shortage of places.. but I'm after feedback on the schools themselves..

There's plenty of positives to be heard about the likes of Doha English Speaking School, Doha college, Sherborne etc.. but if we can't get our kids into these (as is looking likely) can people come back to me on..

Newton Britsh School, International D-Ring, West Bay & Lagoon
ACS (American)
Doha British School
Cambridge School of Doha
English Modern School
Qatar Academy

PM if you want.. thanks in advance
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