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Using a bit of imagination you can definitely still achieve all that you set out to at the start of training. I more than comfortably earn enough now for a range rover and a Breitling, and all living in the relative comfort of Europe. As I said, it just takes some imagination and a positive attitude.
Basically you were aiming to get a Breitling and a Range Rover... In any case in respect to a guy with a bigger connection, who didn't pay any type rating and was moved immediately on a big jet thanks to his Captain friend you are still a loser because he can drive a Porsche and a got Rolex on his right or left hand. In case you know or meet those kind of guys , and there are a many, don't come back disappointed opening your mouth about how the life is unfair because you have helped the system to destroy the economy, social life, democracy in Wester World and the civil aviation and pilot profession, simply doing anything you could to move forward in the quickest way without caring too much if you were destroying your own future too.

Basically you are not too different from a whore.Think about it next time you wear your wonderful Breitling. Looser!