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Well said fmgc.

I'd like to think there was something that could be done to reverse, or at least slow down, the current trend but sadly i think its un-stoppable.
I'd like to think europe would follow the FAA ruling on 1500 hours min experience, but theres more chance of hell freezing over. It may help, but as has previously been mentioned, new money making rackets / packages would only spring up to circumnavigate it anyway.
Big business is big business and some people are making substantial amounts of money from the whole thing. Its a shame that many of those people used to be pilots - more often than not human nature will rapidly release its grip on any sense of morality when big financial gain is to be had.

At the lower end, we have the idiots who suddenly find themselves with a bit of power within the selection process, the likes of whom we've read about in the above posts. Still, every industry has its sad no-marks i guess.

Obviously, its not just CTC. Parc , Oxford, Easyjet, Ryanair etc etc etc have all a case to answer for where we are. It aint gonna change for the better anytime soon
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