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That's all well and good mate, but not when you hold a Q400 Type Rating instead of a 320 rating. The ones they took on must've been "rated only".
Why would somebody type rate you when there are guys and girls out there with type ratings? That's nothing to do with CTC just the way the market is at the moment.

I don't have a problem with cadets but what really gets my goat is that you go to CTC and they arrange a loan for you. Then, on the flexicrew scheme, they don't even pay you enough to cover your interest payments on said loan, especially in the winter when it is power by the hour.

That is just immoral and CTC have no interest in anything other than just profiteering and feathering their own nest.

FlexiCrew is a response to the current economic climate, but more importantly, it is what some airlines want.
What rubbish, they created that market and so now to compete airlines have to do it!!

CTC have a very unhealthy and far too large influence in the aviation market and should have their wings clipped (pun intended).

Just for the record I have no problem with the cadets themselves and they have been well trained. It's the way that they have been treated that is my issue.

What can we, as a profession, do about it?
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