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Originally Posted by OK465 View Post
IIRC 'Va' for a 330 varies from around 320k at around 28,000 down to around 260 at sea level. This encompasses quite a wide range of TAS, all 'limited' to 2.5 g.
That G limitation only applies in Normal Law however. Once you're in Alternate, roll is direct and the calculations can no longer be applied to limit the maneouvre.


While you're right that preventing a stall in the first place must remain a priority, I believe that Airbus and Boeing collaborated on providing proper stall recovery training for airliner crews. What bothers me about the AoA indicator is that while it would certainly be a help in a situation where the pilot knows how to use it, we're dealing with a situation here where at least one pilot was unable to use the basic panel to diagnose and recover from a stall.
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