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Lots of ideas from lots of folks. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing their professional backgrounds. Some engineers, some mechanics, some pilots and some ?????
I have said before and I'll say again this crash could not have happened if the aircraft had been diverted around the CBs as others did.
As pilots, we have all been told about the "ERROR CHAIN" in CRM classes. If you bother to look carefully at this accident, you will find many links in the error chain. If someone had broken any one of those links, the flight would have had a happy ending. I can list the links if required.
Pitot heat : Any system can be overloaded past it's limit. My knowledge of these systems on the ones I flew was "low" heat on the ground and "high" heat in the air. These systems are not able to cope with supercooled water of the magnitude encountered by this flight, hence the loss of many systems which are dependent on proper pitot function.
It's been over a year of chatter on how the crew should have recovered from the subsequent stall while in turbulence with many warnings flashing, ringing and blowing and it doesn't seem as if it will end soon. My view however is as stated above. Stay away from CBs at any altitude but more so at high altitude and arrive alive.
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