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Originally Posted by OK465
Turn rate is irrelevant.

I'd be real careful with advocating this.
Thanks for the caution OK465.
In that turn rate is pointing your velocity vector away from the down direction, it isn't irrelevant.

I'm actually interested in identifying some generic simple to use guidelines that pilots could use. Obviously you will not want to be adding power above your cornering velocity, but the concept of adding power while having your nose pointed down to improve your pull out is a bit counter-intuitive to most pilots.

It looks like cornering velocity for a particular aircraft might be a good thing to know. No one plans on having to recover from a dive, so no one seems to be teaching it.

I am not advocating anything but a look to see if we could do a better job in performing dive recovery should the need arise. How/when/what to teach would raise a host of other issues that would probably be premature to discuss.
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