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Originally Posted by Mr. Optimistic
Is there a consensus yet as to the altitude needed to effect a recovery by a typical crew (ie not the optimum with hindsight type of recovery), say from the dynamics AF447 had at 30k ft ? I believe the law they were in retained over-g protection but with no visible horizon or AoA meter would recovery rely on watching speed and pitching up to the stall warner when flying again ?
Before the hamster wheel started turning, it was becoming clear that the actual pull out of the resulting dive would create less altitude loss than the recovery from the stall.

It seems that the Basic Fighter Maneuvering (BFM) turn strategy was relevant to the pullout altitude loss.
From Hazelnuts last cut at the problem, it seems that the pullout could benefit still more from a little more power during the recovery to level flight. Maximum structural g was not being reached (probably due to induced drag at the higher AOA recovery).
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