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Originally Posted by Clandestino
For example, Colgan overrode his stick pusher! Maybe what is needed is not more force, but something that is harder to ignore.

Seemingly the stall warnings in both Colgan and AF447 cases were not ignored but the reactions to them were terminally wrong. We are not necessarily looking at perception but rather cognition malfunction.
As I recall, the Colgan crew had just been discussing tail stall which may have primed them for their wrong reactions.

When you are the one flying and something grabs your stick, it is a natural human tendency to fight back. What we need is something that leads us to the correct action.(Even at 4:00 AM )

Does anyone have any thoughts along that line? Perhaps a Sim routine combined with a standardized stall warning device that creates an almost Pavlovian response.

I say almost Pavlovian, because I remember the Abidjan A-310 accident where dropping the nose in the face of a false stall warning on takeoff caused an accident. Obviously the stall warning reaction has to be tempered with some common sense.

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