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Hi Clandestino,

Thanks for the decode of FCA. I only noticed the Airbus logo on the top of the page, however my airline's FCTM has exactly the same words so I conclude they are Airbus recommendations.

Failure to recover did not result from lack of skills but inability to understand what is going on and consequently apply the correct procedure.
I agree.

On previous type conversion courses, we stalled the simulator to the nose drop and then recovered. When we had stopped using the manual pitch trim, the elevator feel was incredibly heavy, buffet could be mistaken for turbulence, controls became sloppy. It was impossible to prevent the nose dropping below the horizon using elevator control alone.

I've never stalled the A320 sim. I've flown at Alpha max & seen TOGA Lock, and heard "Stall Stall" briefly. etc.

The AF447 crew presumably had never been exposed to a full stall in the sim and hence they failed to recognise the symptoms.
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