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Thanks for all your replies.Just read on another thread here that Birmingham is having alot of E-Jets
Are there more Q400 problems as the amount of E-Jet activity at BHX has gone through the roof in the last three days.

The spare 195 is now timetabled for BHX-GLA in the week making three operational plus visiting 195's from EDI, GLA and BHD but today has seen five based 195's, five visiting 195's and the one 175. Only one Q400 service cancelled today compared to two yesterday. The 195's were used on Q400 services to INV, HAJ, IOM & BHD.

At one point there was eight 195 arrivals in just over a couple of hours.

With the 175 I made it 30 E-Jet flights (60 movements) and I assume not
a permanent plan?

I realise two Q400's have gone to SN but I assume that was all taken into account.

Why have they all gone there?I love flying on the E-195,as it is a quiet and very comfy little jet.Last year I had to go on a Q400 and it was loud and I hated the vibrations.Don't like the Q400 at all.I'm dreading when I have to go to Hanover later this year as Flybe won't use the E-Jets for some reason.The cabin in the Q400 was full to the brim so why not use the jet.
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