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Originally Posted by A33Zab
When the RTLU is at minimal (0 RVDT angle) the RTLU limits the rudder input to 4, to be accurate this is 3.7 (CMM).
Interpolating the low resolution TLU trace its value was ~4.2 (RVDT angle) just before @02:10:05.
4.2 + 3.7 ~ 7.9 at which it was freezed by PRIM at the start of the speed monitoring process
Maybe I could dispute or argue on those numbers but to be honest I don't have the knowledge and documentation to go much further in that direction.
And overall I like what you said here :
This would have been visible in the TLU trace
Nevertheless I'd like to see the trace for the S/F lever position, especially when selecting FLAP 1 is at some point part of the STALL RECOVERY procedure.

IMO only relevant items have been and will be published
The AP/FD vertical mode trace is a relevant item for the reason I have already mentioned here but is nowhere to be seen ...

I do feel for the families of the 3 pilots who are put under such a negative light in such a dishonest and oriented program :

The families need all the data - Those data do not belong more to Airbus and the BEA that they belong to them.

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