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High n Fast

It's interesting that you didn't do so well on the Computer tests. I had a similar issue, particularly with hand-eye coordination, for the BA FPP. The implication was that I couldn't fly an aeroplane. I don't profess to have even 10% of your depth and breadth of experience, but it says a lot that when I went back for the remainder of the assessment for in-house, I was able to pass the sim check to a really high standard and day two with marks that I was more than happy with.

I'm not convinced by the validity of all of the computer based tests, and neither are several colleagues ranging from experienced TPs to major airline Captains to Airshow Formation aerobatic pilots. However, them's the rules, and that's the way it is for that slice of the industry. I'm sure they get plenty of good ones, plus a few that have spent too much time playing computer games.

As had already been pointed out, it's ability to pay rather than flying aptitude and ability that counts these days.
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