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My experience with CTC.

Had a really 'cheesy' Interview with 'Fly Dubai'. The initial interviews were being run by CTC last year. I have to say it was very unprofessional. The day was run by two ex Flight Attendants that had no idea what so ever about what they were doing. They were more concerned about picking up their kids from school that day, and if they had a ladder in their tights ....

On Arrival:

1. I was not asked for any identification at all

2. None of my details checked, ie Licence log book etc

3. They knew nothing about Fly Dubai in the initial welcome briefing and couldn't answer any questions from any candidate, ref Housing, Licensing etc.

4. One of the Interviewers was thought she 'still had it' ....? Nah, she didn't

I got invited to leave at lunch time on day one. After testing (computer based, reminder of Biggin Hill) I was told I wasn't going to make a pilot ! At the time I had 15K TT B737NG, BBJ, Corporate Jets, G550 / G4 / Global Express and Military Fast Jet experience.

A very experienced A320 Captain went with me (he just walked out) which left guys with no Boeing rating and <1000 hrs. What were CTC doing ? Not the best for their customer Airlines especially 'Fly Dubai' .... A very poor show CTC ! Indeed they are killing the industry in the UK and makes me angry that you have to pass the CTC screaning in many cases if you want a job in the UK / Europe. I am not bitter that I got canned, but the way the day was handled. I was the only one from the UK and everybody else was from USA, Canada, Poland, and New Zealand. What was their impression ?

I now am a flying as a 777 Captain for another operator in the Middle East, had a very fair professional interview process, and first class training. (EY)
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