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Snoop FAA v CTC


Suggest you look at this thread rgds FAA ruling:



Technology may be eroding pilot skills - chicagotribune.com

By the way who taught you to fly? An Instructor?! What was he paid? 7 per flying hr? Where is the incentive for young pilots to become instructors or even older ones to work for such low wages?

The usual "burning holes in the sky" argument doesn't really wash when it's 1500h!
Afterall who can afford to do that even in the USA on a C150?

Then again, I'd much rather take on an FAA MEP CFII with 1000h instructional experience in all weathers, dealing with busy Class C ATC, Wake turbulence separation, more mountainous terrain than the UK, than a post 2008 CTC cadet or EZY MPL with barely 100h of real flying experience. A lack of real flying skills, a shallow depth of knowledge and 1000s of hours of automation over-reliance is what is killing western airliner passengers these past 11 years.

See: http://www.boeing.com/news/techissues/pdf/statsum.pdf page 22/24 of pdf.

Mendicus: You should question CTC's training in recent years. Too much CBT and multi guess questioning (yes CAA/JAR also to blame here): CHIRP 01/2012 :

"I find the present bunch of junior First Officers very keen
and motivated but sadly woefully undertrained. They
have been taught to master the Flight Management
System but not taught the basics of flying or landing the
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