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True or not, there is still not enough of a stigma attached to trying to enter the profession this way. It should be metaphorically marked on their forehead forever.
That is completely the wrong approach IMHO. Treating those you work with as 'Scabs' effectively will never, ever be a soloution.

Whilst those who are willing to spend thousands and thousands of pounds in the belief that they will get a 'leg up' the ladder are a part of the problem they are not the biggest part of the problem.

The whole training system needs to be grass roots regulated from the bottom to the top. The FAA's idea of introducing a mandatory 1500 hour minimum will put pressure on the P2F brigade as the required hours will, in effect, be unachieveable from their own pockets.

Until there is some concrete law preventing the exploitation of (naieve) inexperienced pilots by ruthless companies for profit then there will be nothing to stop those same companies from increasing the pressure to push through candidates.

Once they are in the right hand seat, on a full contract, irrespective of how they got there it is our responsibility to mould a professional Co-Pilot who will become a professional Captain in the future. I might be retired in the back by then and would like to see the result of my efforts!!!

Creating division and derision within our profession benefits no-one.
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