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I agree

My friend died last year trying to build hours the 'classic' way as he hated the likes of CTC. He spent 9 years flying with (he was cabin crew) Captains that believed in the grass roots of aviation and NOT CTC. Going the classic way FI,Turbo prop etc. We all know that BA etc need their cadets but when the greedy individuals who never paid for their own training start to cross the line and move the goal posts, then there is a problem. Flexicrew is a disgusting direction and makes this industry on par with banking. I don't question the ability of the individuals that went to CTC or CTC training but when Airlines only take from them its a sad pathetic situation.
He died a hero and with principles, the same principles that many Captains have but money is the game and it is for CTC my advice don't pay CTC avoid them. Go classic.
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